lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2016

Types of bonsai trees.

There are many types of bonsais, but the most common are:

acer plamatum
japanese maple

tabebuia guayacan

We will examine these in detail

domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016

How to trim a bonsai tree

Essentially there are two ways to trim your bonsai: for mainteninace
to perfect your bonsai and the modeling one, to give your bonsai the basic form.

the trees have the tendency to grow in their superior parts more, thats called
apical dominance, its kind of a competency for solar light.

thats why you must concentrate on triming your tree in their superior part.

The mainteniance triming its named nip trim.
you should made that mind of triming during all the growing season.

if you cut the tree with sccisor, dont cut the leaves, just the branches.
or the leaves will turn yellow.

to do the modeling triming just do it at the end of the winter season
or in the spring season.

you just need to remove the branches so you get the desired design.

as more of a general rules:

if two branches are at the same height, just cut one
cut the branches that are more thick or more vertical
cut the branches that dont have a regular form
the branches in the superior zone have to be les thick than the ones in the inferior part of the tree

in resume, the mainteniance triming can be made all year, and the modeling one at the end of winter or in the spring season.